Each year Small-Medium businesses lose thousands of dollars because their customers are unable to pay or end up insolvent. As part of FIRST FINANCING LIMITED’s facility, Bad Debt Protection (also known as ‘non-recourse’) will give SME’s peace of mind, safeguarding business owner against non-payment. It’s ideal if you’ve had past experiences of bad debt, or a few customers represent a large percentage of your total sales.

Bad Debt Protection Benefits

Security – Keeps the funds you’ve received in the event of customer insolvency.
Scope – Protects up to 90% of bad debts suffered*
Choice – Chooses which of your customers should be covered.
Pre-empt – Monitors your customers and account before they become a bad debt.
Flexibility – Automatically back-dates protection on all debts by 60 days.
Speed – Get in touch and you could have protection within 24hrs.
* Protection is for 90% of the debt (excl. VAT).