Commercial property finance can be defined as: ‘finance secured against commercial property – either offices, hotels ,schools , retail, industrial or leisure premises or multiple residential properties that are being developed to be sold on’. The finance may be to develop, build or purchase commercial property.

Commercial property is a complex business, but has once again become a profitable one – last year saw the biggest surge in occupier activity in regional cities since the recession. So there has never been a better time to invest in commercial property, and whatever the scale of your development, and your level of expertise, FIRST FINANCING LIMITED has the know-how to make your vision a profitable reality.

As well as our funding abilities, we have extensive experience at developing property ourselves so we are familiar with the specific challenges that developers face from missed contractor milestones to planning department obstacles. If your project has potential, we can always spot that amongst the problems and we excel at providing commercial property funding in situations where other financiers may have given up long ago!

Development Finance

Development finance is bespoke funding, likely to be released in stages to commercial property developers to fund the building or renovation of a specific development. If your development is more complex or larger scale, and you are looking for a package to see it through from planning to occupation, we can provide tailored development finance that fits in with your milestones. Our experience, which includes turning derelict sites into thriving leisure venues and creating successful residential developments, has given us the insight to assess your project on its merits and find the solution that matches your sales projections.